Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall into Joy!

Let your joy rise to the top! Let your happiness be the most important thing you can do. Take time to enjoy your life. Have fun, laugh and appreciate every wonderful thing you have. It's a simple recipe for ushering in the life you want. Don't let your "to do" list be your life, while leaving happiness on the back burner as superfluous. As Martha Beck tells us, "Whatever your joy comes from, if you maximize the amount of joy you feel every day, you are more likely to make a living at it." Let your joy rise to the top today and revel in the feeling that will make you feel alive. Let's begin a campaign of viral joy.

Monday, October 15, 2012


I learned a new word this weekend from John Styn - Pronoia. It is the opposite of paranoia. It is the belief that the Universe is conspiring for our good. I've also taken to using words like, "Free floating Joy" to describe the elation that overcomes me at any moment. All the joy that we seek comes from within. The more we tap into our true nature, the more we experience what it means to be truly happy; not just the temporary sensory pleasure that we get from acquiring something externally. Remember, we seek those external things because we think that in the having of them we will be happy. Actually, the opposite is true. By seeking our true joy within, we create an attractive environment for good things to come our way. We are happy in our now, while attracting more of the same for our future. We are spiritual beings living a physical experience. Let us be led by that. Take on an air of Pronoia and watch the Universe bend over backwards to bring you that deep, eternal joy that you seek.