Monday, September 2, 2013

No More Debbie Downer!

Maya Angelou is vigilant about the words people use around her. She calls negativity 
poison which gets into your mind, under your skin and into your life. So true! 
We create and expand our lives by what we think and feel in every moment. If 
you want to know what you've been mulling and cogitating with regularity look 
at your life. It mirrors your inner landscape. If you want to change something, 
be vigilant about the thoughts you think, the words you use and the things you 
let into your life. My husband and I watch far less news than ever for this very reason. 
It is sensationalized, overblown and likely to imbed fear and worry. As 
 Marianne Williamson said, "Nothing binds you except your thoughts; 
nothing limits you except your fears; and nothing controls you except your 
beliefs." Be mindful of what you let into your life today. You will feel better 
in your moment and create a life that is in alignment with your dreams.

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