Saturday, July 30, 2011

The New Paradigm

I just completed an amazing six week teleconference class with Lynne McTaggart. Her books are worth reading - if you're not a reader, consider the audio version. I'm an advocate of listening and/or reading ideas that will help to change your thoughts and guide you to changing your life. If you're going through a rough patch, marinate yourself in higher consciousness teachings. Play a CD or MP3 of one of the many teachers that I have talked about - Jacob Glass, Abraham, Katie Byron, Lynne McTaggart and others. It will shift your perspective.

We simply must take responsibility for the thoughts we think in order to change our lives and change our world. We get involved in doing a million different tasks during the day until we fall over exhausted at the end of the night - then we wonder why our lives aren't changing. You must put yourself first if only for 5 minutes in the morning. Write lists of appreciation, how you want your day to be, where you got it right (it's so easy for us to focus on where we got it wrong). Deconstruct your disturbing thoughts by writing down beliefs in one column, and then in another column where you got those beliefs. You might be surprised about what you've been carrying around. Beliefs that you don't even believe! - And yet they are a creative force in our lives. Like the woman who cut off the end of the roast before putting it in the oven. When she asked her mother why they always did that, her mother had no good answer. She finally asked her grandmother who said, "I don't know why you girls do it. I did it because my roasting pan was too small to fit the whole roast." Where do our thoughts about our self worth, what we deserve, and what we seem to continually deny ourselves come from? Get them out of your thought generator. They are simply not true.

Lynne McTaggart is convinced that we as humans were not meant to be small, selfish and self serving. We were meant to "share, care and be fair." She is predicting a new paradigm of changes that come from the powerful thrust of group intentions. The change in our world is not going to come from the top down - as evidenced by all the political machinations and media corruption - the change will come from the strength of our focused intention, singly and in groups. As the Talmud so eloquently puts it, "A light for one is a light for a hundred."

I cannot stress it more strongly - question your thoughts, question your thoughts, question your thoughts! What we think affects our world. We are number one cause in our lives, unequivocally. You can never blame anything outside yourself. It's time to think differently. It's time to get what you want out of life while extending a hand to another - it simply feels fantastic! We hold ourselves back by the beliefs we hold on to and they create our lives; and yet we don't understand why we cannot change our circumstances. It then reinforces our beliefs in being a victim, which then becomes self fulfilling. The more we think and say, "that always happens to me" or "it figures" or "knowing my luck," the more we reinforce it. We have a compliant Universe that consistently delivers our beliefs. As the Buddhists say, "become mindful." Don't let your thoughts run amok with untruths and beliefs that make you unhappy. Take small steps, penguin steps by changing the words that you use on a daily basis. Lets deconstruct the barriers to our good. 

The world is changing simply because we are changing.  Let go of the beliefs that have you "creating with monotonous regularity the patterns of your past," and begin to live the life that you deserve. 

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