Sunday, September 2, 2012

Reality is Not Real!

Why is it so easy to believe the bad stuff? Why are things of the divine - love, oneness, appreciation, the intercession of our higher selves to deliver miraculous transformation - so hard to accept and even at times considered silly or fanciful? We tend to equate reality with sanity and reason. We are more credible and erudite when we base things in reality. But our reality is the manifestation of our thoughts, not the other way around. We have the choice, at any moment to change our lives by subscribing to a different, higher thought base. Do not argue for your limitations simply because they are based in reality. As my friend Jacob says, "If you have to argue for anything, argue for the power of miracles to heal any situation." Lots can happen when we let go of the confines of our limited beliefs. Argue for your good today. Argue for those fanciful wonders that usher in your happiness and you will create a reality that thrills your soul.

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