Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ushering In My Good!

The glass is not only half full, it is over-flowing. It all depends on where we choose to put our focus. What we focus on becomes dominant in our lives. Do not spend time arguing for your limitations with sentences like "Yes, but...the economy is this; I didn't have wealthy parents; I am too old, don't have enough education..." Stop yourself and change the mind-chatter. Take a deep breath, shift into appreciation and realize how good you have it. THAT will usher in more good. As Abraham says, "Happy where I am, eager for more." An unpleasant journey will not produce a happy end. As Steve Jobs team remarked when asked, "For us, the journey IS the reward." Focus your attention on the good that abounds everywhere you walk and it will grow exponentially and begin to infiltrate your life with more good than you could have dreamed - your glass will over-flow. Focus your attention on what's going right, and you will begin to see it everywhere.

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