Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How's that working out for you so far?

If you feel like there is an area in your life where you are particularly stuck, take yourself out of the equation. Stop trying to fix it, change it or figure it out. If it's an area that has been a concern for you for sometime - relationship, career, finances - chances are you have a lot of the past accumulated which bares negatively on forward movement. It's easy to say, let go of the past, it's another thing to do it. Instead, don't hold on to the thoughts that move through your brain as habitual reminders of lack. Remember, beliefs are just thoughts that we keep on thinking. It's important to question those beginning thoughts - Is that true? How can I know that that true? This is the brilliant work of Byron Katie. Do not let these thoughts, that have you stuck, that hold you back, continue to hijack your emotions. Once thoughts have been met with emotions, they become solidified making them seem more real. They are not. They are just thoughts that we keep thinking that make us feel bad. "I can't change jobs because it means....I can't move because...I can't leave my mate, date someone else because..." These are stories we tell ourselves based on a past that does not feel very good. The evidence we have gathered serves us not.

Remember, the stories that we tell ourselves about who we are, based on our past - frequently a past that we do not even like - become the basis for our lives. Dare to let go of those thoughts and create a different story - even if you have to make it up! Lynne McTaggart, author, researcher and lecturer tells us that our brains cannot differentiate thoughts from reality. If we're thinking or imagining something that makes us happy, our brain does not know that this is not our current reality. It perceives it as real and creates neural pathways that become familiar. We now have an experience of having done it - Powerful stuff!

This week, do not be hijacked by thoughts that make you feel stuck - reasons and excuses for not living the life that you desire. Become aware and stop any thought that negatively affects your gut. Create new thoughts - begin with the end in mind and hold on to the wonderful truth that...Lots can happen.

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