Thursday, June 23, 2011

Scaredy Cat

A Course In Miracles talks about the fear of the will of God as being one of the strangest notions that we hold. Somehow if we follow God's plan for our lives we won't get want we want. We might end up like Mother Teresa or some poor Monk who has taken a vow of poverty - that somehow we won't get our heart's desire. Unfortunately, that powerful guidance has been co-opted by religion and everything we think God is - judgmental and vengeful. What ever happened to the notion of a loving God? Thank goodness we have a guidance system that tells us better - that has driven us toward spirituality and the notion that we are all God, sharing the Universal force of love that makes us all one. It's like that joke about the two waves on the ocean. One wave says to the other, have you heard about this thing called the ocean that everyone's been talking about?"

The will of God is our higher selves plan for our lives. We have no greater joy than when we are following that plan. That's why Abraham says, "Nothing is more important than that you feel good," because that's when our higher selves, our guidance system is engaged. Don't fear it, it doesn't come from some outside strange entity. It comes from our higher self. Remember, we are spiritual beings living a physical existence. It is our own wisdom and we can trust it. Learn to trust your intuition and follow that path that brings you the most joy and you will be directed. As Howard Therman says, "Ask for what makes you come alive and do that." 

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