Saturday, June 18, 2011

One by One, Thought by Thought

We are all one. There's no denying it. Quantum physicists will tell you about the field - God, Source, The Universe - that responds to, not only everything we do but from everything we think. You've all had that experience of thinking about someone and then they call. Spiritual teachers will tell you that we are spiritual beings living a physical experience and that we are all connected at the level of source - much like the waves upon the ocean - we are all the ocean. Everything you do or think not only effects you but also effects your world. For some fascinating research read Lynne McTaggart's The Field or the Intention Experiment.

The most important thing you can do today is to find your own peace, which will naturally radiate to others. Let go of the buzz, the chatter, the voice of dissent in your own head. Change the internal racket, change the story that has you stuck in living out the same patterns. As the masters have said, 'We are the architects of our own fate,' begin by changing one simple thought about yourself today and then watch as a new path begins to unfurl.

Enjoy this video, which is a perfect example of people connecting at the level of the heart through music.

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