Monday, July 23, 2012

A Compliant Universe!

The Universe will bend over backwards to give us our heart's desire. We live in a compliant Universe that will agree with us, with our energy and the vibration that stems from our thoughts. If we consider ourselves lacking, unworthy or guilty the Universe will provide us evidence that our thoughts are true. We might even have a lot of evidence that backs our assumptions, however; "Would you rather be right or happy," asks A Course In Miracles. Let's contribute to our well being by offering a different vibration. Change your story, change your thoughts and the Universe will bend over backwards to prove you right and give you your heart's desire. We are powerful beyond measure.

Today is my birthday and I am SO grateful for the overwhelming graciousness and Grace at work in my life every day. My appreciation list is a long one and ever growing. The vibration of appreciation and gratitude is very attractive and delivers more joy than I could even imagine. We walk with powerful allies.

PS - If you're reading this, please check-in by clicking one of the boxes below this post. So far, I am getting no feedback. Even if no one is reading, we teach best what we need to learn so I always get value out of seeing what my fingers will post. ;) If you are reading and getting something out of it, please check-in and tell your friends! I am appreciative of each and everyone of you. As my wonderful friend, Esther/Abraham says, "There is great love here for you!"

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