Monday, June 4, 2012


Neville Goodard talks about the power of imagination and how it creates our future. Lynne McTaggart will tell you that are thoughts constantly create whether we like it or not - she calls us "leaky buckets." Worry puts into action things we don't necessarily want. We are powerful creative beings living in an energetic interconnected and responsive Universe. Set your imagination in a positive direction today. It will bring you joy in your present and lay a fertile ground for your future dreams.

If it's a new home you seek, Neville will go on to tell you to "go to sleep in the house you want to wake up in." Imagine. He also advises us to rewrite any disturbing situations that might have happened during the day. Imagine. Create the life you want with your brilliant imagination, add appreciation - I have taken to writing future appreciation lists for the wonderful things that will happen in my future. Imagine. Your imagination and appreciation will be fun and will make you feel good as you move through the day. That combination, the trifecta of imagination, appreciation and joy is a powerful recipe for creating the life you desire.

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