Friday, June 8, 2012

Soothing Relief!

Think about what you're thinking about. If you're feeling upset for any reason you can be pretty certain that there's a thought lurking in your mind that is connected to a story that is not true. Byron Katie has us questioning our thoughts with four simple questions starting with, "Is that true?" We tend to hold on to thoughts until they are ingrained in our minds as truths that become beliefs. Change your story about those thoughts and you will instantly feel relief. Think about what you're thinking about so that you can get to the core of your upset. Feel the sweet emancipation and watch how instantly the world reflects back to you your changed perception.

We are meant to savor our present moments. Your future relies on your present moment for direction. Use your imagination and appreciation, an extension of kindness, laughter and joy to dictate your future. It brings to mind, Viktor Frankl who was free in his mind regardless of the fact that he was in a concentration camp. The facts remained what they were but the story he told about those facts had him free in his mind until he was actually freed. Let's practice telling better stories and then watch the delightful effects that follow.

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